Cashflow Management

Helping Businesses Manage Their Cashflow

Insufficient cashflow is one of the main reasons businesses fail in their first five years. No matter where you are in your business journey, Enlaiven Accounting can help you manage your cashflow effectively and regularly review cashflow strategies.

Cashflow Management

Managing cashflow efficiently is one of the key factors to run successful business. Businesses needs to have sufficient cash on hand to make payment to vendors, payment of loans,
payment of payroll
, payment of statutory liabilities etc. If cash position is not maintained at sufficient level, we might miss important payments which may lead to business disruption and legal compliances in case payments with respect to statutory liabilities are missed. Thus, it is very important to know cash position of the business at any point in time. If we observe closely, one of the reasons for failure of any business would be poor cashflow management.

We at Enlaiven, help our clients in managing their cashflow properly by preparing weekly / monthly cashflow reports. We prepare cashflow both as per direct and Indirect method, as per client’s requirement and provide our review comments to clients which can help them in making important decisions related to cashflow management.

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