Sales Tax Compliance

Sales Tax Compliance

Our expert team specializes in helping businesses comply with their state and local sales tax obligations. Sales tax is a tax that is typically imposed on the sale of goods and certain services by state and local governments. Businesses are required to collect sales tax from customers and remit it to the appropriate tax authority on a regular basis, usually monthly or quarterly.

We assist our clients with a range of tasks related to sales tax compliance, including:

  • Calculating the correct amount of sales tax to collect from customers based on the business’s location and the location of the customer.
  • Filing sales tax returns with the appropriate state and local tax authorities.
  • Remitting the correct amount of sales tax to the tax authorities on behalf of the business.
  • Keeping track of sales tax rates and regulations in different jurisdictions.
  • Providing guidance on sales tax exemptions and credits that may be available to the business.

We also assist our clients with voluntary disclosure compliances. In the US, businesses that have not properly reported or paid sales tax in the past can voluntarily disclose this information to the appropriate state or local tax authority. This process is known as a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA).

A VDA typically involves the business contacting the state or local tax authority and disclosing any unreported or underreported sales tax liabilities. In exchange for this voluntary disclosure, the tax authority may agree to waive penalties and interest that would otherwise be assessed against the business for failing to report or pay the sales tax.


To qualify for a VDA, the business must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as:

  • The business must not currently be under audit or investigation by the tax authority.
  • The business must not have received any notification of an impending audit or investigation.
  • The business must be willing to fully disclose all relevant information about its sales tax liabilities.
  • The business must be willing to enter into a formal agreement with the tax authority to pay all outstanding sales tax liabilities.

Voluntary disclosure agreements can be a valuable tool for businesses that have fallen behind on their sales tax obligations. They can help the business come into compliance with the law and avoid potentially high penalties and interest. However, it’s important to work with an experienced professional when considering a voluntary disclosure agreement to ensure that the process is handled properly, and all relevant issues are addressed.

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